We are Fox & Hound design, a Georgia based graphics solutions business that focuses on custom client design.





Whether we like it or not, in our day, first impressions are everything. Leave the stress of trying to design your own brand behind. We can ensure your business has a stellar visual presence and impact.



We can have a large array of high quality and affordable products accessible to our clients. Business cards, window decals, mailers, flyers, and more. Designed in-house and shipped to your door.



 The need for an online presence is growing. We create Squarespace sites and blogs for our clients. We cover your setup, design, and offer monthly services to keep you at your prime.

A California roofing company gets a signature look


Many of our clients do stellar work in their respective fields. We make sure they have a brand that will support their level of quality. Mills Roofing's branding and web presence was suffering. We created an iconic logo using a custom designed M as the staple. This new brand added with their new, modern, and clean website; will grab the attention of home owners all around Lake Tahoe and Northern California.



An Atlanta custom shoe start-up goes high end


A unique and quality idea deserves the best start possible. When we met with Monique, there were in need of a high end look for their hand-crafted Spanish leather shoes. The look and feel of our clients brands, websites, and printed products, need to exude their image and high quality. We gave them a smashing logo, a sleek web presence, and social media assistance throughout the launch of their brand.



New Mexico business gets makeover after 30 years


Helping to transform a client's image is one of the joys as designers. Whether you are starting out or have been in the game for over three decades, the value of updated visuals is gold to your business. We replaced Millers dated late 1980's style logo with an iconic brand and web presence. We keep in mind the longevity and vision of our clients.
This memorable brand will serve them for years to come.



Out of chaos and noise, Roundtable Talks emerges


The idea for this brand came during the 2016 Presidential election. In the midst of political yelling and screaming, the need for civilized discussion became evident, and this forum was born. Roundtable Talks is a brand of political chats among people who want to sit, reason, and dialog together. Civilized, knowledgeable, and heartfelt discussion will allow the listener to make informed decisions.