Founded by husband & wife duo, Coty and Katie Sloan, Fox & Hound Design is passionate about helping people discover the power of great design.



Did you know your visual presentation has the potential to make or break your connection with future clients, within seconds? So it goes without saying that how you present yourself matters, more now than ever before. In today’s world, more people are looking at handheld devices and making split moment decisions, solely based on one thing... what they see. What you need, is a fox and a hound.


Foxes are revered in many cultures for their wisdom, their cleverness, and for having an intuitive nature; while hound dogs are seen as creatures of loyalty, gifted with the ability to guide and protect. Fox & Hound Design is here to ensure that when it comes to your business, people have reason to like and trust what they see.


We are designers that aim to exude wisdom. We are ready to put our experience to work for you. The longevity and needs of our clients are always at the forefront of our minds as we tackle each individual project. It takes great care and being intentional to get the job done efficiently and right.

We believe in clever and intuitive design. Not all design is good design, and you need only to walk around your town to notice that. Today, you not only need the ability to have a brand, products, and an online presence that represent your business with the best of them; but you also need designers who can move with the times and help keep you connected with what is relevant. It's not enough to settle for "OK" any more; the "it'll do attitude" can kill businesses. Showing you care about what your are doing begins with what people see, and we aim to make sure that your brand and your projects represent you with the utmost care.


We are loyal to your brand. By hiring Fox & Hound, you are hiring someone that will work with you. More than ticking a box to complete a project, our team is looking to build trust and a relationship with our clients. We believe your investment into the design process should be a rewarding one. You should have someone in your corner, investing in your vision and your business, with skill sets that are bent on excellence.

Let us be your guide. Often our clients have no idea where to begin or they come to our team knowing they need help. If needed, we will help you creatively develop, adapt, and implement a vision for your business or project. We see it as our job to help guide and protect you through the design process. We have had so many clients burned by bad design and stuck with the results. Our goal is always to help people protect and enhance your business or project by creating visual tools that serve to build and support your brand and identity.


We would love the opportunity to meet with you and discuss your future project. If you are interested in working with us, please feel free to drop us a line, give us a call, or review our portfolio.


All the best to you,


The Duo


Coty Sloan (The Hound)
Partner, Branding, Graphics, Websites 


Katie Sloan (The Fox)
Partner, Social Media Management, Photography

Fox & Hound put the fun in function. Every time I’ve needed something from them, they listen to my vision and create exactly what I need in a very ingenious way.”
— Amy Nelson (Nelson Ventures LLC)

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Fox & Hound have a unique and creative style. They used their skills to complement our fashion line. At the start, we submitted product photos and a few general points, the results they produced were nothing short of remarkable.
— Shane Moore (Monique Shoes)

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