In The Beginning

It's been over twelve years since I took my first paid graphics job. I remember being so nervous at the prospect. I'd spent two years just fooling around on Photoshop, messing by trial and error. I didn't have a clue what I was doing, but I was so passionate about learning. I spent hundreds of hours just practising and making mistakes to discover the capabilities.

So, I took on that first client, $50 for a business card design. I was fresh out of school and even with just $50 on the table, I was so nervous. What if I disappoint them? What if I can't get it right? I really need this $50, am I capable?

A couple days later, I was finished with the draft and sat down with my first client. They were thrilled, I was relieved and thus began my adventures in design. It was thrilling. I made something. I made someone more capable of reaching others with their idea, their product, their service. And here I sit, twelve years later, with my creative and beautiful wife now at my side, forging a new chapter in this journey to help new and small businesses achieve success.

My hundreds of hours have turned into well over 10,000; designing, learning, drafting, and creating; but that isn't the only thing that's changed since the beginning of my design journey. Attention spans have shrunk by over 50%, Facebook, Instagram and most forms of social media were only an idea; and no one had a personal screen in their hand most of the day. No one was searching for roofing companies in their hand or shopping for gifts, finding a new restaurant, or discovering new music.

The value of the work we do at Fox & Hound has and continues to dramatically increase every day. And while we are aware of trends and the powerful impact of great design, one thing hasn't changed, and that is our passion for helping people. We make people and businesses more capable of reaching others with their ideas, their products, and their services; and that matters more now, more than ever before.